Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurveda has always used massage as an important component of treatment. Ayurvedic massage acts not only on the physical but also on the inner level – awakening the vital energy that helps all the body systems to recover and regenerate. Ayurvedic massage is a combination of the Indian system of natural healing and unique technique of deep elaboration of soft tissues and muscles.

Ayurvedic body massage is a massage that begins with the head and ends at the fingertips. According to Ayurveda, all kinds of pain are caused by the appearance of blockages in the way of circulation of vital energy.

Skin is the largest body organ. The total area of the adult skin is about 1,5—2,3 м²,, it weighs 3 kg – about 4% – 5% of the total body weight. The skin performs many important functions. As well as the lungs, it carries out the function of breathing; it protects the body from mechanical damage (bruises, pressure) and from various types of radiation (radiation effects, infrared, ultraviolet rays, etc.); it produces sweat and sebum.

The skin regulates the exchange of heat between the body and the environment, performs the absorption function. Soluble in water substances are not absorbed by the skin, since the outer layers of the skin are impregnated with lipids (fats). Water-soluble substances can be absorbed only through the hair follicles and excretory ducts of sweat glands, and fat-soluble substances are absorbed through the epidermis.

It should be noted that substances in the composition of preparations, creams, and oils applied to the skin, affect not only locally, but also on the body as a whole. This explains the holistic therapeutic effect of oil massage.

Only the knowledge of massage points on the human body for performing professional massage is not enough, a special effect is achieved through the use of special oils, their temperature, manual energy and emotional impact. Massage oils should contain not only a pleasant aroma but also extracts from medicinal herbs collected in an ecologically clean place. There are more than 26 types of medicinal oils, each of which contains from 7 to 30 plant components.

The etheral components of vegetable oils reflexively affect the peripheral nerve endings of the skin and nose (odor of oils during breathing), capillaries and biologically active points. In addition, the medicinal substances of oils through rubbing and lotions penetrate directly into the blood, bypassing the liver, i.e. do not have a toxic effect on it. Many constituents of oils are strong sorbents and have a strong detoxification effect, removing toxins and wastes.

Ayurvedic massage is characterized by a huge number of variants and is very individual. Technique, rhythm, the intensity of manual influence and even the type of oil used are determined strictly individually. Ayurvedic massage requires a careful approach to all parts of the human body, so it is conducted in different positions.

The effect of Ayurvedic massage is great. With this technique, you can relax the muscles, giving them greater elasticity; completely eliminate spasms, hypertonia or simple muscle tension of individual organs or the entire body. As a result, you will improve blood circulation and oxygen supply of the whole body, which will increase your overall tone. The result of the use of Tibetan knowledge will be the normalization of the functioning of the lymph system, the improvement of the metabolic process, the cleansing of the body of toxins and toxins, and other notable effects.

The list of diseases cured with the complex of Ayurvedic medicine methods is huge. Here are just some of them: osteochondrosis, arthrosis and arthritis, radiculitis, dorsalgia and myalgia.

Extremely successful usage of Ayurveda is for the treatment of nervous disorders. Procedures that are carried out on the regulatory system of Vata, can improve sleep, get rid of the effects of stress, improve physical and mental performance, relieve mental stress, eliminate chronic fatigue and headaches. Also, you are provided with a complex rejuvenation of the whole organism, which leads to an increase in immunity and improving the efficiency of the circulatory system.

In addition, Ayurvedic massage allows you to achieve an anesthetic result. And it happens on a deep emotional level and provides a long lasting effect.

Many, considered above, useful properties of ayurveda – this is just the beginning. To understand the full force of the natural effects of Ayurvedic medicine, you need to trust professionals and to try our massage courses at the “Dubai Dermatology Clinic”, which will give you unique sensations and bring you incomparable emotions of bliss and contentment.