Cavitation Radio Frequency

Ultrasonic cavitation is a procedure during which a special device feeds low-frequency ultrasonic waves affecting fat tissue and causing the effect of cavitation: the formation of micro bubbles (from the lat.Cavitas – emptiness). The bubbles increase in size, soften the fat and destroy the membrane of the adipocyte – the fat storing cells. Thus, the storage tank itself is destroyed, and the fat will not deposit in this  place in the futurue.

The ultrasonic method does not disrupt the tissue structure, and the damaging wave action is experienced only by the fat cells in the treated area.

Combined use of cavitation (low-frequency) ultrasound, high-frequency ultrasound and radio wave energy (RF-lifting) allows not only to burn the fat and to form a silhouette, but also to lift the skin, achieving its elasticity and tightening.

Indications of procedures Ultrasonic cavitation and RF-lifting

  1. Correction of body contours, reduction of fat deposits in problem areas
  2. Elimination of difficult cellulite
  3. Smoothing of defects (scars and asymmetry) of the skin, including after liposuction surgery
  4. Powerful lifting and tightening of the skin
  5. Elimination of the cellulite