Where does cellulite come from?

The basis of cellulite development is the accumulation of fats (lipids) by fat cells (adipocytes) in certain areas of the body and in a certain layer of skin – hypodermis, also called subcutaneous fatty tissue. Cellulite begins with a violation of the balance between the synthesis (accumulation) of fats and their splitting in the fat cells. But unlike obesity, with cellulite, fat accumulates unevenly. That’s why this defect of the skin is often found in a thin person and not always in a stout. With cellulite, changes occur not only in the fat cells, but also in the connective tissue partitions of the hypodermis, which no longer demarcate, but directly squeeze the lobes of adipose tissue: dense “tight” fat capsules are formed, some of which protrude into the dermis (connective tissue part of the skin) , creating a characteristic relief of the orange peel.

What is the basis of therapeutic methods of cellulite treatment?
  • Stimulation of fat splitting.
  • Inhibition of fat synthesis.
  • Lymphatic drainage and stimulation of outflow of tissue fluid.
  • Stimulation of peripheral circulation and improvement of the tone of the vessels of the dermis and hypodermis.
  • “Breakdown” of fatty capsules, “loosening” of fat and fibrous fibers in the subcutaneous fatty tissue.
  • Stimulation of the muscles.
  • Increase skin elasticity, improve the condition of the epidermis (skin surface layer) and dermis.
Hardware correction of the figure for cellulite:

LPG-massage is carried out by a special device with adjustable air pressure. With the help of a powerful vacuum, the skin of the problem zones is drawn so tightly that the connective tissue of the capsule in which the “hard” fat is loosened. And since in cellulite, fat-lipped capsules tighten the skin, making it uneven, after their rupture, the tension weakens, the skin is leveled, and the fat-depleted fat becomes more “soft” and breaks up faster.

Electromyostimulation and microcurrent stimulation are more effective on muscle fibers. Muscles, intensively contracting under the influence of current, include cells of neighboring tissues in the metabolic processes, which positively affect on situation in the subcutaneous fatty tissue. Electromyostimulation is called “gymnastics for the lazy.” Electromyostimulation breaks cellulite tubercles, stimulates the breakdown of fats and helps to remove excess fluid from subcutaneous fat.

Mesotherapy against cellulite.

Mesotherapy is a method in which medicines in microdoses injected by syringe into a specific place. Mesotherapy allows you to treat even the most neglected cellulite. But all this is possible if the skin does not have abrasions or rashes, and not during pregnancy, menstruation or immediately after surgery. How it looks like: regular sessions once a week for eight weeks. The mesotherapy procedure is quite simple. The entire cellulite zone is cured by a medicinal composition that acts on the fat metabolism. For maximum effectiveness of mesotherapy recommend first to lose weight – to normal physiological weight. It is logical to combine mesotherapy with other methods of influencing cellulite, so it is often used against a complex program for modeling the body. After a course of mesotherapy take a break, during which other procedures are prescribed (wraps, massages). And then – another course of mesotherapy. It is in such a complex application that mesotherapy produces a high and lasting effect.

On the complexity of anti-cellulite programs:

Only a comprehensive program can lead to success. Combinations of active external medication with manual massages or hardware effects have already shown their effectiveness in attacking cellulite. The programs also includes nutrition analysis and dietary recommendations, physical exercise and sometimes additional procedures: a pool with a countercurrent, a sauna, relaxing massages, relaxation sessions, water procedures (hydro massages, underwater massages, and baths with salts, algae, mud, pearl baths, and water gymnastics).

Treatment of severe cellulite is a very real problem, but not easy. It is better not to start to solve it yourself, but consult with a specialist who will help you to choose the methods and preparations that are suits you and will decide on a treatment program to maintain the results. Procedures and courses for the successful treatment of cellulite have to be repeated periodically, since cellulite -chronic condition. After all, the treatment eliminates only the effect, and not the cause – the pathophysiological mechanisms of cellulite development (endocrine and neurohumoral) remain. But the efforts spent on the elimination of cellulite and the time are worth it: after all, then you can keep confident, be proud of your body and wear any (even the most minimized) clothes, as there will be no need to hide skin defects – you will not have anything to hide from people’s eyes.