Complex facial cleansing

Complex facial cleansing is a deep cleansing of the face skin with the help of mechanical and apparatus methods.

In “Dubai Dermatology Clinic” an individual combination of both methods is chosen, based on the type, condition and characteristics of the skin, the nature of the problem. This allows achieving the optimal results of face cleansing such as pores reduction by cleaning them deeply from dirt and sebum, elimination of inflammation, elimination and prevention of acne, improvement of the skin color.

In many cases, mechanical and apparatus methods of complex facial cleansing are supplemented with the use of medical cosmetics for skin rejuvenation, improving metabolic processes and slowing down the skin aging.

The complex face cleansing program is made both on the basis of visual inspection and questioning, and using the data of the innovative diagnostic device VISIA during the consultation with the dermatologist-cosmetologist of “Dubai Dermatology Clinic”.

Why does a complex face cleaning required?

First of all, the complex facial cleansing can prevent acne, and if it is available, to eliminate it effectively and safely. Self-extraction of acne can cause a violent inflammation with the formation of coarse post-acne scars. Therefore, regular face cleaning is necessary for greasy and oily skin prone to acne and hyper function of the sebaceous glands.

Besides, complex facial cleansing helps to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells of the epithelium, helping to renew and rejuvenate the skin.

Due to the optimal combination of various methods (manual and apparatus), complex facial cleansing can simultaneously eliminate a number of problems:

– to treat comedones and acne,

– to align the relief and improve skin color,

– to normalize the work of the sebaceous glands,

– to improve skin breathing.

The contamination of the skin is not only fraught with the inflammatory processes, but also significantly worsen the skin’s breathing, metabolic processes, reduces local immunity and accelerates skin aging.

Along with manual (mechanical) cleaning, complex face cleaning includes apparatus methods – microdermabrasion, Jet Peel, as well as surface chemical peeling with fruit acids for individual purposes.