Body Consultation

Modern means of aesthetic medicine allow you to reduce weight, to defeat cellulite, to form an perfect figure and to tighten sagging skin. And it is necessary to understand that there is no “magic wand” – a procedure by which any person can get rid of imperfections of his own body for a couple of sessions. The path to excellence is a joint work with a doctor; to improve your body. A professional specialist in cosmetology of the body will help to adjust the organism to changes, make it as comfortable and quick as possible. For this, all modern techniques or their various combinations are used: massage, apparatus cosmetology, wraps, mesotherapy, biorevitalization and much more.

The main directions of programs on cosmetology of the body:
  • Treatment of cellulite
  • Fighting overweight and obesity
  • Elimination of local fat deposits on hips and buttocks, on shoulders and waist
  • Improvement of the skin condition of the whole body, restoration of its tone and elasticity
  • Correction of the contours of the body, increased muscle tone
  • Reduction of stretch marks, lifting of saggy skin

At the consultation, a specialist in cosmetology of the body will assess the general condition of the body, identify problem areas, clarify the features of the lifestyle, diet and current physical activity. If necessary, the doctor will appoint additional tests to identify contraindications to ensure that the procedures performed will be useful not only for the figure, but also for the patient’s health. As a result, a specialist in cosmetology of the body will make an individual program of procedures that will be aimed at achieving the most aesthetic and safe effect for health.

Preliminary consultation of a specialist in cosmetology of the body will help to understand:
  • What results can be guaranteed to be achieved?
  • What cosmetology methods are appropriate in this particular case?
  • How these methods work?
  • What changes need to be made in the way of life in order to achieve results?

A body cosmetology specialist will not only pick up a course of procedures, he will also help the patient to adjust his lifestyle to keep the figure slim and the results achieved. During the period of the program, the patient constantly feels the support of his doctor, which gives him additional strength and a desire for self-improvement.

The goal of the doctor-cosmetologist in “Skin Clinic” is to provide a pronounced and long-term effect, without promising impossible, and experiments, but only the real and healthy results and its fixing.

Consultation of a specialist in body cosmetology is an opportunity to get maximum information about ways to achieve a dream of an ideal figure and to keep the achieved result for life.