Face Consultation

For the most accurate and reliable diagnosis of skin problems in the “Dubai Dermatology Clinic” innovative hardware system VISIA is used. The computer programs used in the VISIA device give unlimited possibilities for diagnosing skin problems, both existing and future, and also determining the best procedures for their elimination and prevention.

The principle of VISIA is to obtain facial images in various modes – conventional, ultraviolet, infrared and followed by computer processing and image analysis. This technique allows you to see in advance on the screen what the results of various procedures will be, as well as changes in appearance in the absence of cosmetology. This allows you to choose today how you want to look through 1-5, 10-15 years and what procedures are needed to slow aging and prevent unwanted changes. Another unique possibility of VISIA is the detection of changes in the skin in the early stages, when they cannot yet be determined visually. Different regimes show skin texture disorders, pore condition, wrinkles, vascular problems, porphyry skin contamination, inflammation, acne, pigment spots, process of photo aging.

Why do I need the cosmetologist consultation?

The doctor cosmetologist in “Dubai Dermatology Clinic” unerringly selects those procedures and techniques that will provide the maximum effect in your case. In particular, she will tell you the best way:

  • How to remove nasolabial folds?
  • How to get rid of wrinkles?
  • How to remove the second chin?
  • How to eliminate post-acne?
  • How to improve skin color and get rid of pigment spots?
  • How to remove bags and dark circles under the eyes?
  • How to get rid of scars?
  • How to cure couperose?
  • How to get rid of dilated pores?

Each of the methods of modern cosmetology has its advantages, features and scope of the best application. Do not forget that each of them has its own contraindications. In this case, as a rule, the best results of rejuvenation and improvement in appearance are achieved through a comprehensive program that includes several methods.

Having carried out the diagnostics, the doctor – cosmetologist in “Dubai Dermatology Clinic” will make for you a unique program for achieving optimal results with the best ratio of the effectiveness of the procedures, maximum safety, and painlessness, speed of achievement and durability of the effect. For example, to eliminate wrinkles, such methods as Botox injections (Disport), biorevitalization, laser resurfacing, RF-lifting (thermage), photorejuvenation or plasmolifting can be recommended. The choice of this or that procedure or their optimal combination depends on the individual case.

To eliminate the omission of the skin, nasolabial and other folds, the second chin, restore the contours of the face and the volume of the subcutaneous tissue, remove scarring and post-acne, there are also many methods. In some cases, the best results are achieved due to biorevitalization, in others – to fillers of contour plastic, laser stimulation. In some cases, the best choice will be the use of new technologies, such as autologous cell rejuvenation – plasma lift.

“Dubai Dermatology Clinic” has a wide range of possibilities, which allows you to eliminate almost any sign of skin aging or an aesthetic defect that can be corrected without surgery. This means that, having turned to our clinic, you can count on the best results and the best help that cosmetology can provide at the modern level of its development. In practice, this means the individual use of the most progressive methods and unique advanced technologies.