Dark circles around the eyes

The beauty of the eyes is 90% of success of the attractiveness of whole face, so for many decades women have paid so much attention to the eyes. Dark circles under the eyes do not color anyone, but only looks fatigue. To choose the right tactics for fighting bruises, you need to understand the reason for their appearance.

Dark circles under the eyes – The first reason: anatomical features.

Each of us has its own facial features: someone has a dense, and someone – thin, such that all the blood vessels are visible through the eyes. Here they are just the blue shadows under the eyes.

Special creams, developed specifically for this area of the face, perfectly support the water balance of the skin; prevent its dryness and thinning In addition, to maintain blood vessels needs vitamins C and K, which can be applied on the skin with the cream or ingested in a complex of vitamins. It will strengthen the blood vessels, reduce their permeability, improve blood circulation; as a result bruises under the eyes become less visible.

Dark circles under the eyes – The second reason: diseases of internal organs.

Dark circles under the eyes can be the consequence of diseases of internal organs: liver, kidneys, heart, thyroid or other diseases. When you notice that blue under the eyes, start the search for the reasons from the doctor, first passing the simplest tests: blood and urine. Having identified the disease and having treated it, you will make the first steps to getting rid of bruises under the eyes.

Dark circles under the eyes – The third reason: overwork.

As you know, the eye fatigue from the computer monitor, unhealthy sleep or lack of sleep (less than 8 hours) – all this affects our appearance. In the periods of excessive workload, be sure to take a complex of vitamins and alternate work at the computer with little physical exertion.

Dark circles under the eyes – The fourth reason: smoking.

Chronic nicotine poisoning negatively affects to the skin condition. During smoking, blood vessels are compress, microcirculation of blood is violated; skin is poorly enriched with oxygen, which leads to violet circles under the eyes.

Dark circles under the eyes – The fifth reason: photoaging of the skin.

It comes much earlier than the natural aging of the skin. We often neglect the use of products with sunscreen filters, which helps to sun adversely affects the skin, reducing its elasticity. The sun’s rays provoke excessive pigmentation on the skin of the face, manifested as pigment spots, especially around the eyes. Therefore, on sunny days, use sunscreen cosmetics or wear large sunglasses.

Treatment of pathologies associated with a color changing of the skin around the eyes cannot be directed only at eliminating the cosmetic defect in the form of dark circles. As it turned out, everything can be much more serious, so a thorough medical examination will establish the true causes of darkening of the skin under the lower eyelid.

The most popular methods of combating dark circles are contour plastic hyaluronic acid, mesotherapy and biorevitalization. As mesotherapy medicine use a special cocktail, which includes vitamin, peptide, amino acid and mineral complexes, homeopathic remedies, collagen, herbal extracts and other substances. For the procedure of biorevitalization, absorbable gels with hyaluronic acid, obtained by chemical means, are used.

In those cases where the cause of “blue” under the eyes is a deep nasolacrimal fissure, the procedure of contour plastic with filling of the infraorbital space with hyaluronic acid will be effective, which allows eliminating undesirable shadows. In some cases, it is advisable to carry out carboxytherapy, in which carbon dioxide is injected injectively, which accelerates the outflow of blood, thereby clarifying and improving blood circulation and metabolic processes in the cells.

With increased pigmentation of the skin, the procedure of gentle chemical peeling has a good effect.

Also, for patients with hyperpigmentation and a closely related vascular network, laser fractional correction is good. This procedure consists in directional laser beam impact, resulting in the death of old cells, improves metabolic processes in tissues, triggering the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.