Treatment of dark circles around the eyes

All procedures designed to remove bags under the eyes are conducted using special techniques that take into account the particularities of a zone around the eyes.

  1. Lymphatic drainage procedures, such as microcurrent therapy, ultrasonic lifting, allow to improve blood supply and get rid of fluid stagnation.
  2. Peeling significantly improves skin permeability, which allows achieving an incredible effect of active rejuvenating serums with vitamins and plant extracts.
  3. Mesotherapy and biorevitalization sessions are very effective in case of edema or swelling in the eye area. 1 – 4 sessions of mesotherapy can solve the problem of bruises under the eyes and remove newly formed fatty hernias. The procedure is carried out by using cocktails with a rejuvenating effect. They include vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, microelements and many other natural components.
  4. Platelet Rich Plasma lifting (PRP) is a powerful tool for fighting dark circles and small wrinkles. It is carried out exclusively on the patented original equipment.
  5. Laser rejuvenation (fractional and grinding). A wonderful tool for global lifting, improving the relief and color of the skin.

With a combination of the above methods, you can achieve impressive results.

But the zone is so delicate that contra-indications to some procedures are quite probable:

  1. So, with a strong propensity for edema, it is not recommended to actively use Botox in the lower eyelid. Also, do not forget that Botox and Dysport relax your muscles, but will not rejuvenate the skin.
  2. Mesotherapy is not performed on the mobile eyelid taking into account the closeness of the eyeball, the relief of this zone is too complicated for most of the hardware attachments. Hyaluronic acid causes persistent swelling under the eyes, therefore preparations on its basis are excluded from the treatment program.
  3. As for biorevitalization, it uses special, sparing drugs and a special technique for their administration.
  4. Finally, good news: laser treatment is used almost without restrictions. Often it is laser therapy, which renews the skin and plays the role of a real “panacea” for the clients of “Dubai Dermatology Clinic”.