Laser Treatment of Blood Vessels

Most often the people get vascular sprouts and meshes on the face and legs regardless of their gender. Fortunately, in our time there is an accessible and effective method of removal of vascular formations by laser. This method is very good in solving the problem of removing the vascular asterisks and meshes, the laser beam does not affect the blood vessels themselves, and moreover, it does not injure the skin.

Treatment for blood vessels on the face with the use of laser is performed in several sessions, each lasts for about 40 minutes (sometimes the treatment is limited to one session). During the procedure, the laser beam penetrates the epidermis and heats the problem vessel, simultaneously interacting with hemoglobin and drawing it to the place of deformation of the capillary. Hemoglobin absorbs the beam and glues the gap between the cells of the vessel, or closes the blood flow to the dilated capillary. Thus, the capillary is sealed and, as a result, disappears. The place of the vessel is being filled with the connective tissue.

Pros of laser vascular removal:

The action of the laser is comparable to a slight shock of electricity and causes tingling sensation on the skin which doesn’t last only for 10-15 minutes, after the procedure the patient forgets about this unpleasant sensations.

There are no side effects after the procedure. The only side effect that disappears in a short period of time and is not observed in all people who have used laser coagulation is hyperemia (redness) of the skin at the laser exposure sites. Keeps such reddening from half an hour to one day (depending on the intensity of the laser beam).

High efficiency of the procedure. The reviews of the procedure used to remove the bursting blood vessels on the face suggest that the visible result after removal of the vessels on the face with a laser comes after the first session. For someone, this session is the only one (more is simply not required). The rest usually have three to four procedures with a monthly interval.

Absence of chemical agents and anesthesia. Since the procedure does not require surgical intervention, the use of anesthesia is meaningless, and those tingling sensations that the client experiences during the session can easily be sustained without the use of an anesthetic chemical origin.

Laser coagulation of vessels on the face (splicing, gluing) does not leave visible cuts, pigment spots on the skin and does not lead to unplanned complications.

Blood vessels removal by laser can be done in all cases except the following:
  • The period of pregnancy or lactation.
  • infectious diseases.
  • An acute period of manifestation of chronic diseases.
  • Propensity to keloid scars.
  • Hypertonic disease of the third stage.
  • Diabetes mellitus.
  • Hormone-dependent bronchial asthma.
  • Diseases of connective tissue.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis.

Before the procedure of laser removal of vascular formations is not recommended for 2-3 days to drink coffee or tea, chocolate, spicy, too hot or cold food. It is also worthwhile to refrain from using scrubs, decorative cosmetics or other means of skin irritation in problem areas. After the coagulation is necessary for a period of two months to abandon the solarium, bath or sauna, alcohol, hot drinks, spicy dishes, hand massage and face cleaning, peeling. It is mandatory to use creams and other cosmetics, individually selected only by a specialist.