Nasolabial Folds

Nasolabial folds are called a pair of deep furrow, near the wings of the nose and stretching to the corners of the mouth. They are more noticeable on the faces of thin women or those who reduced more than five kilograms.

The reason for their most powerful manifestation is the natural and pleasant smile. Therefore, their appearance is almost impossible to avoid. Starting from 25-30 years old, they are often deep and do not disappear from the face at all.

Can their education be prevented?

The person clearly cannot stop smiling, therefore such method will not help to solve this problem. However, several simple procedures are known, with which it is necessary to familiarize and perform them in order to admire the face longer without nasolabial folds. First of all, you need to systematically devote time to various exercises for the face, and also do a special massage that helps smooth the skin. The reviews of the methods to remove nasolabial folds are very different, because each of them has its own characteristics.

It is necessary to constantly moisturize the skin, use a sun protection cream that has a high sunscreen factor. Also it is necessary to use a cream for the corresponding age, with hyaluronic acid. The proper nutrition is very important: the diet should include only quality and healthy food that contain antioxidants and a sufficient amount of cellulose.

Ways to remove such folds:

Some people face this problem as early as 25, someone only in 40 learns what is the lip-chin and nasolabial folds. But there is no woman who would bypass this moment. And everyone sooner or later tells her reflection that it’s time to change something urgently.

Contour plastic? What is it?

The essence of the procedure of contour plastic is that, the folds are filled with injections with special preparations- fillers. They smooth even the deepest wrinkles, ensuring the preservation of the effect for at least six months.

Which fillers should I use?

Most often, these zones are corrected by fillers based on hyaluronic acid (Juviderm, Restylane, etc.). What is perfectly about hyaluronic acid is that it does not cause allergies. In addition, it is absolutely safe for the organism.

Side effects:

Immediately after the procedure, the face may swell and blush. After one week you can see the final effect of non-surgical rejuvenation.


Usually contraindications depend on the chosen preparation. Most often, cosmetologists do not recommend correcting nasolabial and lip-labial folds during pregnancy, lactation, the presence of any diseases and problems with blood coagulability.