Natural Peeling MesoJet 

MesoJet – the most gentle peeling for the face and body, and hydration without injections!

Facial rejuvenation with MesoJet is suitable for all skin types, for all ages, it is used in any season of the year, it solves almost all cosmetic problems and provides visible effect immediately after a comfortable and painless procedure.

The method works by the principle of a jet engine: MesoJet accelerates particles of water and oxygen up to a tremendous speed. The stream of cooled gas enters into the special nozzle for skin polishing, the gas pressure additionally has an effect on the receptors, dulling their sensitivity. Thereby the procedure is absolutely painless.

The doctor–cosmetologist of  “Dubai Dermatology Clinic” when polishing the skin with the gas-liquid jet, gives the opportunity to clean  and tighten carefully even the most sensitive areas, for example, around the eyes. Oxygen not only penetrates the skin cells, but also kills pathogenic bacteria, therefore the risk of inflammatory complications after the MesoJet procedure is completely absent.

The procedure has a triple effect on the skin: massage, exfoliation and moisturizing (the effect of baroforesis – when the nutrients and medicinal substances are delivered to the skin without injections). Also, after the procedure, edemas disappear, blood circulation improves and the scars become smoother. Therefore, the range of application of the MesoJet is very wide – it is used in all the  areas of face and body, as well as for the treatment of hair.

MesoJet for face treatment:

  1. Gentle exfoliation.
  2. Moistening with special solutions without injections.

Introduction into the skin of mesotherapeutic cocktails, microelements, hyaluronic acid solutions, vitamins. In order to enter them, there is no need to use needles. Solutions are introduced through the nozzle apparatus.

Facial and neck massage:

The device Mesojet  gently massages the face and neck, toning the skin, returning it a healthy color, smoothing.

Soft blepharoplasty:

The device MesoJet gives a unique opportunity to work on the skin of the eyelids. For example, on the skin of the upper eyelid. With the help of the gas-liquid rejuvenation procedure, you can cope with swelling, flabbiness of the skin in this area, hernia of the lower eyelid.

MesoJet procedure on scalp:

This is a good exfoliation, and massage, and an alternative to injections in the scalp. Helps to get rid of fat, dryness, dandruff, reduces hair loss.

MesoJet procedure for body:

Decollete zone. Reduction of skin dryness, wrinkles, lymphatic drainage.

Stomach. Reduction of skin flabbiness, striae, lift, local fat deposits; treatment of scars; lymphatic drainage.

Buttocks. Reduction of striae, stimulation of muscles, elasticity, lymphatic drainage.

Hips, breeches. Reducing of cellulite, dryness and flabbiness of the skin; improving elasticity, treating striae, improving the shape of the thigh; lymphatic drainage.

Feet, soles. Fighting cracks, rough areas, reducing edema, increasing the elasticity of cartilage and ligaments of joints.