Needle-free Mesotherapy – Painless Beauty

Health and beautiful appearance of the skin directly depends on the level of its hydration and saturation with healthy substances. Certainly, modern beauty tools, in particular masks and creams, or widely advertised rejuvenating “miracle pills” can. However, they cannot guarantee a lasting effect, since they are unable to deliver useful substances and medical components to the deeper layers of the skin. Mesotherapy can cope with this difficult task and the result that all medical components are delivered to the deepest layers and tissues.

In modern cosmetology, two methods of mesotherapy are known: injectable (traditional) and non-injectable (needle-free). And although these methods have one common goal – saturation of the skin with useful components, they differ in the principle of influence.


What are the methods of needle-free mesotherapy?

Needleless mesotherapy is the introduction of injections into the skin without the use of a syringe, depending on the principle of the effect on the skin in modern cosmetology.  Several types of needleless mesotherapy are known.


– Laser mesotherapy, during which the saturation of the skin with the rejuvenating cocktails takes place under the influence of laser beams;

– Electroporation – a method of  the introduction of useful substances with high-voltage pulses;

– Oxygen mesotherapy is a method when the skin is saturated with nutrients under the influence of oxygen pressure.

The procedure for needleless mesotherapy is suitable for all women who want to look young and to defeat the natural processes of skin aging. Especially this procedure they recommend to those ladies who are afraid of injections or do not want to betake to dangerous surgical methods of rejuvenation.

Now non-invasive mesotherapy is recognized as one of the most effective rejuvenating procedures in the world of cosmetology, because it allows:

– to smooth any wrinkles;

– to align the irregularities and to eliminate pigment spots;

– to eliminate flabbiness of the skin of the face and to restore its healthy and radiant appearance;

– to enrich the skin with vitamines and to improve its color;

– to get rid of acne or seborrhea on the face.


What is the procedure for needleless mesotherapy?

Usually this procedure takes  20-30 minutes. The result of needleless mesotherapy is immediately noticeable. However, for a longer lasting effect, it is recommended to take courses of 6-12 sessions (depending on the problem to be solved).


Cocktails for face mesotherapy:

For needleless mesotherapy, special ampoules are chosen. Depending on the problem (elimination of age spots, wrinkles or, for example, facial color improvement), these may be cocktails with anti-aging substances, vitamins or antioxidants. Coctails for acne and prevention of its consequences provides for the include antibiotics, vitamins and antioxidants. For the skin tightening (sagging cheeks, correction of the “second” chin, etc.), cocktails of amino acids, elastin, collagen and lipolitics are used.