Overweight is a real problem for many people. Gaining extra weight is easy enough, but many people cannot get rid of it completely. The most important thing that should lead a slimming person to the goal is confidence in the positive result.

It seems that it is very difficult to adjust a shape, but in fact, it is necessary to observe only a few bases, so that a positive result does not take long time to wait.

Causes of excess weight:

Before you start to actively act and start to lose weight, you need to find out the cause of the appearance of extra pounds.

The most common causes of overweight are:
  • Genetic predisposition.
  • Presence of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Disruption of normal metabolism efficiency.
  • The presence of diseases, the main symptom of which is the increase of extra kilograms (cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and others).
  • Excessive use of hormonal or psychotropic medication.
  • Pregnancy.

In addition, overweight can “accumulate” as a result of deliberate overeating, because of nervous disorders (when problems are captured by food), stress, due to age-related changes.

It is very difficult for everyone to change the habitual way of life suddenly, therefore, steps to the right way of life must be gradual. Together with the change in nutrition it is important to engage in physical activity, special exercises will help to regulate a shape and cheer up.

If you just cannot bring yourself to go to the gym, do not torment your body. Modern cosmetic procedures offer a sufficient number of methods for combating obesity. Of course, it does not mean that you can continue to eat harmful food that affect the appearance of extra pounds. With a sedentary lifestyle and an illegible diet, the weight will return. But with the help of cosmetology specialists, you can change the body.

Ozone therapy is a way to combat overweight. This procedure may be one of the earliest procedures for non-surgical fat removal, which is used in therapeutic cosmetology. The basis of ozonotherapy is the chemical interaction of low-concentrated ozone on the cells of adipose tissue. The procedure is performed by injection. In the adipose tissue, an oxygen-ozone mixture is introduced in the form of gas. As a result, under the influence of active oxygen, the membrane of the fat cell is broken and a fast oxidation of the fat molecule followed by the formation of simple compounds, glycerol and fatty acids, which enter the intercellular space and continue to oxidize fairly quickly in the medium saturated with injected oxygen. Thus, the process of fat splitting occurs quickly and effectively against the background of a high concentration of oxygen in the tissues. To achieve an obvious reduction in subcutaneous fat, approximately 10 sessions 2-3 times a week are required.

Wraps well cope with excess fat, as it is removed by accelerating the metabolism by heating. The use of essential oils of orange, grapefruit, geranium not only improves skin condition, but also accelerates the breakdown of subcutaneous fat. In order to be noticeable, a course of 10 wraps is sufficient. If you are concerned about individual parts of the body, then you can only wrap these areas, not the full body.


Mesotherapy is also an effective procedure. Its effectiveness lies in the fact that in the areas where fat accumulates, a mixture of medicine is introduced, which cleaves it. Consequently, the fat cells are not restored, and even with an incorrect diet, the weight gain is very slow. To get rid of excess fat with mesotherapy is possible for several sessions.

Cavitation also copes well with excess fat, but in contrast to mesotherapy – using ultrasonic vibrations. Such procedures are suitable for getting rid of overweight only in certain areas, but will not help with obesity of the full body. Cavitation passes painlessly, without affecting the nerve endings and blood vessels.

To really get rid of overweight, and not just take it away for a month, you need time. The body must get used to a new rhythm and physical activity. If you combine all the actions described above, you will be amazed at the result, and your body will thank you.