OXY System

The Oxy System is a new oxygen therapy system for face and body care that combines oxygen flow with dermabrasion and massage of connective tissue. Oxygen of high purity increases blood flow, improves cellular metabolism and stimulates the formation of collagen by fibroblasts, thus accelerating the process of skin repair.

The Oxy System combines three technologies, which make use of the properties of this valuable gas to provide the possibility of a complete treatment with a single machine.

The Oxy System uses a nozzle with an integrated diamond head that removes the upper layers of the epidermis, as well as a hyperbaric oxygen delivery system that reduces epidermal damage caused by the abrasion process, which makes the treatment more pleasant, effective and complex.

A special spray jet of oxygen can inject ingredients, and thus help the rapid launch of all cell repair mechanisms.

A special micro emulsion is delivered together with oxygen to the peeled skin with instant regenerating and healing effect.

There is a double nozzle for the face and body, which allows you to perform cellulite treatment, stretch marks, drainage and restorative procedures for the skin. This device  is universal, reliable, safe, efficient and offers a wide range of procedures.

The results of the Oxy system treatment:

– correction mimic wrinkles,

– prevention and treatment of acne,

– treatment of hyperpigmentation, photoaging, edema, dark circles under the eyes;  and rejuvenation of dry and fading skin

Oxygen is our life’s elixir. Without oxygen there is no metabolism, energy for skin and body cells. Skin tone decreases, it acquires a flabby appearance and its premature aging occurs.

The procedure with the Oxy System will help to return a healthy complexion and to reduce facial wrinkles;  to speed up the processes of skin regeneration after a deep impact.

Advantages of oxygen therapy device Oxy system:

  • obtaining a concentration of pure oxygen up to 98% due to the system of molecular filters;
  • adjustment of oxygen pressure during oxygen therapy procedures;
  •  automatic oxygen supply in a constant and pulsed mode;
  • specially developed and approved protocols and procedures for conducting procedures.

By the way, it’s oxygen that fights with free radicals so harmful to the body. The procedure is absolutely painless.

This procedure refers to the procedures of a “quick” lifting or “holiday day”: right after you look fresh, younger, with surprisingly velvety and radiant skin!