Ozone therapy

Ozone therapy is a highly effective non-medicated treatment that has a wide range of effects on humans. Ozonation has long and successfully been used in all fields of medicine. The trihydric ozone molecule under the influence of body temperature breaks up into diatomic oxygen, which has high oxidative abilities. Under the influence of ozone, immunity is strengthened, fungi, bacteria and viruses die, inflammatory processes stop, wounds heal faster.

Modern trichology uses ozone as it saturates the tissues of oxygen and improves blood microcirculation. Ozone has a complex beneficial effect on the scalp as well as on the hair. Ozone therapy is well combined with other methods of treating alopecia, has almost no contraindications, and has a positive effect on the body as a whole. Under the influence of active oxygen, regeneration of the hair growth zone accelerates, stimulating the growth of new hair. Ozone strengthens the effect of serums and masks for hair and preparation of mesotherapy.

All this allows successfully treating such diseases as:

  • Slow hair growth.
  • Diffuse and focal alopecia.
  • Dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis.

With slow hair growth, ozone stimulates nutrients to the hair follicles, hair and skin cells are renewed, hair follicles are strengthened, the structure improves, and the speed of hair growth increases.

With intensive hair loss treatment with ozone in the shortest time stops their loss by prolonging the phase of active growth, which allows you to save a significant quantity of hair. Cells of the growth zone begin to actively divide, dormant follicles are activated, and their growth is stimulated.

With seborrheic alopecia, ozone perfectly supplements hormonal therapy: on the surface of the skin, pathogenic fungi are destroyed, and the inflammatory sites faster heal. Damaged zones are suturing with oxygen, the products of decomposition and decay are quickly removed from the body, the structure of the hair and skin improves, bloodstream and lymph circulation intensifies, normal nutrition of the roots is improved.

Ozone therapy for hair is carried out in different ways.

Ozone can be administered either systemically (as a dropper) or locally (as injections).

  • Systemic administration of ozone improves the condition of the whole organism.
  • When applied locally, injections are injected directly into the scalp, or the hair is exposed in a special chamber.

Intradermal exposure is more effective, but painful sensations are possible during the procedure. The procedure is carried out using a syringe and thin short needles. This process affects the outer and the deep layers of the skin, restoring metabolism and providing nutrition to the hair follicle. One procedure takes about 20 minutes, to achieve a sustainable effect, it is recommended to pursue a course of ozone therapy: every five days, 5-7 sessions.

There are no side effects, but there are limitations in the application of ozone:

  • Ozone intolerance.
  • Oncological diseases.
  •  Low blood clotting.
  • Intoxication and alcohol poisoning.
  • Pre-infarction condition, suffered heart attack, stroke.
  • Recovery period after bleeding.
  • Diseases of the thyroid gland.

To grow healthy and beautiful hair, to maintain them in a magnificent condition is possible only when the work of the whole organism is well established, therefore it is necessary to take care of the hair constantly, and not occasionally.