Ozone Therapy

In “Dubai Dermatology Clinic” treatment with ozone therapy is carried out only by a doctor. In each case, depending on the problem being solved, the doctor selects the concentration of the ozone-oxygen mixture, its proportion. With different pathologies from the properly selected ratio of oxygen and ozone, their concentration, the depth of administration, the therapeutic effect, the number of procedures and the timing of treatment will depend.

Effects of ozonotherapy:

  1. Suppression of bacterial, fungal and viral infections;
  2. Stimulation of metabolism;
  3. Improve blood circulation;
  4. Decreased activity of inflammation;
  5. Anxiety;
  6. Detoxication;
  7. Immunostimulation.


– Acne;

– Skin rejuvenation;

– Dark circles under the eyes;

– Psoriasis;

– Edema;

– Comedones;

– Eczema;

– Hives;

– Correction of the oval face;

– Furunculosis;

– Excessive dryness of the skin;

– Fungal lesions;

– ozone treatment Red lichen planus;

– Teleangiectasia;

– Scleroderma;

– Pyoderma;

– Alopecia;

– Neurodermatitis;

– Dermatosis.

Ozonotherapy in cosmetology:

Prevention of aging: With age, metabolic processes in the skin slow down, it thins and sags in the form of large folds in the nasolabial region, in the oval face and eyelids. In addition, the weakening of skin nutrition leads to the formation of a network of fine wrinkles. The skin turgor decreases, its color becomes dull, grayish. Facial ozonotherapy normalizes skin nutrition, activates metabolic processes, restores immune defense mechanisms. As a result of ionomesotherapy in the form of microinjections of the oxygen-ozone mixture, the oval is pulled up, the skin color improves, the turgor raises, wrinkles are smoothed, the so-called tired face syndrome is removed. The result is noticeable after only 1-3 procedures.

Ozonotherapy in the treatment of acne. Ozone therapy is included in the comprehensive program of treatment of acne. The uniqueness of this method is that it has a multifaceted effect on the skin. Its bactericidal property is aimed at relieving inflammation. It improves metabolism and microcirculation in cells, thereby contributing to a good recovery of tissues (regeneration) after inflammation. Immunomodulating effect of ozone is directed to increase of local immunity and restoration of protective skin barrier. Ozone contributes to the reduction of secretion of the sebaceous glands, shortens the enlarged pores and thereby prevents the formation of comedones. Treatment for acne, acne with the application of ozone therapy is faster, and what’s important, without traces and scars on the skin. In severe rashes after the first procedure, ozone reduces soreness of acne, passes redness and swelling. Since ozone significantly improves blood circulation and tissue regeneration, it is prescribed for problems on the skin that occur after acne (post-acne). Scars become less noticeable, stains disappear faster, other traces of acne and acne.

ozone treatment2 Treatment of cellulite. A certain concentration of ozone activates the lipid metabolism, triggers the combustion mechanism of excess fat. Ozone has a fibrinolytic effect (destroys the connective tissue septum between fat cells) eliminating the effect of the “orange peel”. To treat cellulite, depending on its shape and age, a course of ozonotherapy from 5 to 10 procedures is necessary.

Treatment of scars, striae (stretch marks). The procedure of ozonotherapy is successfully used for the complex treatment of scars of varying severity, prescription and form, stretch marks. Injection of oxygen into the zone of stretch marks (striae) in combination with special peelings has a pronounced effect: the width and depth of the stria decrease, they are almost not noticeable, the skin feels smooth in the stretch zone. Ozone therapy very well helps with fresh stretch marks of pink color after pregnancy.

Good pronounced effect, long-lasting result, accessibility make the procedure of ozonotherapy one of the most loved among our patients!