Radio Wave Lifting

What is RF-lifting?

The definition of RF-lifting can be formulated as the effect of radio-frequency waves on the skin and hypodermis layers simultaneously. The positive effect is obtained due to a powerful pulse of thermal energy, which ensures the launch of internal processes of rejuvenation and recovery. Achieving the necessary result is due precisely to the natural development of the necessary components, and not by any artificial preparations.

RF-lifting is one of the most effective ways of skin rejuvenation, non-invasive and almost painless. Using this method, radio waves penetrate the surface layers of the skin, and heat the muscles and underlying tissues. Heat stimulates the production of collagen, and this leads to the fact that the skin becomes more elastic and smooth, acquires a healthy and even tone.

When and who should do RF-lifting?

RF-lifting is good for people who want to eliminate wrinkles on the forehead and tighten eyelids, to reduce enlarged pores, to remove bags under the eyes, to make the sagging skin more elastic. This technology is also used to tighten the neck.

RF-lifting is painful?

No. During the procedure different patients may have different intensity of sensation, depending on the pain threshold, but even very sensitive people usually experience only minimal discomfort.

How is RF-lifting performed?

First of all, the skin is cleaned by means suitable for the patient’s skin type. During the procedure, there should not be any fat or cosmetics on the skin. Then, a cooling gel is applied to the skin, it will reduce discomfort and will prevents possible tissue damage. The device that emits radio waves is applied to the face , and the doctor pays particular attention to the most problematic areas of the skin. Immediately after the procedure, the patient can go home or his work; painkillers or any other medication is required.

How long does the recovery period after RF-lifting last?

RF-lifting is not followed by a recovery period in the usual sense of the word, that means that the patient can immediately proceed to his normal affairs, without any restrictions. Some patients experience slight puffiness and redness throughout the day.

When will the results of RF-lifting  be noticeable?

The result can be evaluated immediately after the end of the procedure. At the same time, photographs are taken to compare the condition of the skin before and after RF lifting.

Are the results of RF lifting long lasting?

This is very individual. On an average, the results lasts for 24 months, but this period may be longer or shorter, depending on the skin aging process of the patient.

How many procedures are necessary to achieve the optimum result?

As a rule, at first it is recommended do from six to ten procedures, with intervals of six to eight weeks between them. After this, it will be possible to do supporting procedures once every 1.5-2 years. The doctor decides how many RF sessions are required for the patient, based on the condition of the patient’s skin and his expectations.

How long does one session of RF lifting take?

The duration of each session is from thirty minutes to one hour.

How should I take care of the skin before and after the procedure?

Approximately two weeks before RF, long exposure to ultraviolet radiation should be avoided; Use sunscreens and do not sunbathe under the open sky, or in the solarium. It is also not recommended to sunbathe for two to three weeks after RF. It is necessary to take care of the skin – to clean and moisturize it regularly, to make nourishing masks and light massage for the results of RF to last as long as possible.