Scrubbing is a preparatory procedure for carrying out various rejuvenating cosmetic sessions, and also for programs to combat cellulite, as well as for general recovery of the whole organism. The final result of body scrubbing is removing the outermost layer of skin cells, after which the skin becomes soft, tender and smooth. Such sessions should be done from time to time, but it is always necessary to consult a specialist.

This procedure increases the elasticity of the skin, smoothes the relief and color of the skin, helps to exfoliate the dead skin particles, improves blood circulation, opens the pores, and also opens the lower, newer and younger layer of the skin to make you feel refreshed. After mild scrubbing, the body is moistened with a gentle emulsion.

Dermatologist of “Dubai Dermatology Clinic” will determine your skin type, the main problem areas and will offer the most effective cosmetic compositions. Remember that improperly selected scrubs can harm your health.

Features of the body scrubbing session:

Body scrubbing (peeling) is absolutely painless procedure. The client fix himself in a comfortable position in a special workplace, and the therapist starts the session, which usually lasts about 2-3 hours, depending on the selected areas for processing.

Scrubbing the body is a great way to quickly renew the skin cells, fill them with energy and strength.

Exfoliating products have a special effect on the body, cleanse the skin, remove the old cells, allowing the body to breathe freely. Scrubbing is performed before anti-cellulite procedures, for deep cleansing of the body. The main purpose of the scrub is to release the skin of the body from the keratinized layer, to open the pores, to improve the access of oxygen. Natural removal of old cells is a very long process and, as a rule, pores are blocked, forming acne, redness, etc. The scrub accelerates the process, rejuvenates the body.

Salts and seaweeds, white clay and plant phytoextracts, natural coffee beans and flower seeds, rice bran, ground olive stone, pitted oyster shell, coconut chips, fruit acids, essential oils and other ingredients of polishing compounds ensure the health and radiance of your skin.