Second Chin

The second chin is one of the most common defect that every woman want to get rid off ,who caring about her beauty. Typically, this idea occurs after 35 years, when the second chin begins to significantly affect the appearance – makes the face heavy, distorts the oval and markedly adds years.

Modern cosmetology “Skin Clinic” has effective methods of eliminating the second chin. In order to choose the most suitable one, you need to find out what caused the problem.

Why there is a second chin?

Heredity : First of all, our appearance is what is given to us by nature, what is genetically laid. Each of us has features of the body structure, some of them are prerequisites for the appearance of the second chin. This is the massiveness of the chin, the length of the neck, the angle formed by the lower jaw and neck. The formation of this angle is influenced by the location of the hyoid bone, to which the muscles, chin and tongue are attached to the lower jaw.

The owners of the large lower jaw and the high hyoid bone will have no problems with the second chin, even with a significant excess weight, and vice versa.

Fat deposition : The chin-neck region refers to the ‘fatty traps’. The peculiarities of its structure are such that the fat accumulates in it at first, and in case of weight loss it is consumed in last. Of course, overweight and obesity are important factors leading to the appearance of a double chin, but it can also form in the absence of problems with excess weight.

As the skin ages, elastin and collagen are destroyed, it loses its elasticity, which leads to the appearance of “gravitational ptosis” – the soft tissues sag under the influence of gravity. Age-related degenerative changes in muscle tissue are primarily manifested by the weakness of the subcutaneous muscle of the neck (the muscle fibers of which are located a thin layer under the skin of the entire front surface of the neck). But the changes in it are often manifested not by the formation of the second chin, but by the sagging of the skin by the type of “turkey neck”.

Hormonal disorders, changes in the hormonal background during pregnancy and menopause contribute to the accelerated formation of fat deposits in the cervical.

Diseases of the thyroid. With hypothyroidism, a low level of thyroid hormone concentration contributes to obesity and the formation of a double chin. Diseases accompanied by a significant increase in the size of the thyroid (“goiter”) visually increase the front surface of the neck.

Posture: The habit of stooping, walking with the head down helps to worsen blood circulation in the neck fat in the chin area. In addition – makes the second chin more noticeable.

Methods for getting rid of the second chin:

Some of these factors can only be affected surgically, for example, to make the chin more massive, the chin-angle can only be changed by surgery. But to destroy the fatty deposits that form the double chin, it is quite possible to “pull up” the neck skin without surgery, using the methods of hardware and injecting cosmetology.

LPG-massage activates metabolic processes in the subcutaneous fat tissue, stimulates the synthesis of collagen in the skin, increases its tone, and has a pronounced lymphatic drainage effect.

RF lipolysis is a radiofrequency lifting that acts on the deep layers of the skin. Creating a warm-up, radio waves cause reduction of collagen fibers and simultaneously activate the synthesis of new collagen. Thanks to this, the effect of tightening and eliminating the second chin is achieved.

Mesotherapy – the maintenance of biostimulants, lipolitics (drugs that activate the processes of fat destruction), vasodilators, vitamins provides a noticeable effect in a short time. Mesotherapy drugs improve metabolic processes and break down subcutaneous fat. Simultaneously, they increase the elasticity of the skin, preventing it from sagging. To remove the second chin, usually a course of 10 procedures is required.