VISIA Diagnostics

“Dubai Dermatology Clinic” does not stop to amaze and delight its clients with exclusive services and innovative approaches in the field of cosmetology. We represent you the revolutionary new diagnostic computer complex VISIA (USA).

The VISIA device is the most modern equipment of the new generation, due to which it is possible to get an expert assessment of the state of your skin using a computer diagnostic complex. It is noteworthy that the VISIA device processes photos in special modes – infrared, ultraviolet and polarized light.

Using the capabilities of the VISIA device, you will get an absolutely accurate picture of the state of your skin by 8 parameters:

  • General skin tone,
  • Ultraviolet stains,
  • Deep hidden pigmentation,
  • Presence of red zones,
  • Presence and severity of wrinkles,
  • Smoothness,
  • Skin porosity
  • The degree of work of the sebaceous glands.

All diagnostic results are displayed on the monitor screen in graphical and digital indicators. Then, according to the revealed deviations, the computer offers correction options, of which the doctor makes up an individual comprehensive treatment program.

Interesting Facts:

  • With the VISIA device, you can check whether the skin of the face corresponds to the biological age of the patient. Or see how the patient’s face will look for example in 15 years. We can look into the future and prevent the negative symptoms.
  • The computer system for diagnosing the facial skin VISIA will help you to verify the result obtained, regardless of the attending doctor. It quantitatively shows the change in the density of wrinkles, the porosity of the facial skin, the reduction of pigment spots, and the increase in the elasticity of the skin. The results “before” and “after” are visually displayed by digital indicators and graphs.
  • All received data are stored in the center’s database and, if requested, can be used to evaluate the results of treatment.

So, computer diagnostics of the skin gives the following advantages:

  • The most accurate diagnosis of skin condition;
  • An accurate diagnosis is a success in a treatment program;
  • Ability to evaluate the result of treatment in advance.

As the result of the survey, you get a printout on your hands with information about the condition of your skin, options for your skin care and the evaluation of the results of this care. And on this basis you decide which option is preferable: to continue to experiment with your own health or to start to take care of yourself, prolonging your youth and beauty.

If you still have any doubts, you can discuss them for the advice of a doctor cosmetologist in “Dubai Dermatology Clinic”.