The appearance of warts causes the viruses of the papilloma group, which can be transmitted by contact with the patient or through personal items. With weakened immunity, they multiply rapidly and actively develop.

Warts can be of different sizes – from 1-2 mm to 15 mm, depending on the type and place of its formation. It is also possible to merge several warts which can form fairly large tumors of a conical or semi-spherical shape, with a wide base. Over time, the color of warts, initially the same with the color of the skin becomes brown and even black, although, to a large extent, this color is due to dirt that easily adheres to the rough surface of warts.

There are 4 main types of warts: ordinary, flat, pointed condylomas and aged warts.

The causes of the appearance of warts:

The reason of the appearance of the warts is the human papillomavirus (HPV), which infected almost every adult, and you can have several types of this virus at the same time, and do not guess about its presence. Unfortunately, the prevalence of HPV infection in all countries is steadily increasing. In most cases, infection occurs by direct contact with the skin and mucous membranes affected by HPV. Less often, infection occurs through household items (nail files, nail scissors, etc.). Infection is also promoted by microtraumas of the skin, but the main cause of the manifestation of warts on the body is a weakened human immune system that is not able to control HPV.

Warts can be acquired as follows:-  
  • At personal contact with a person who has warts;
  • When using with him same things, such as a towel or dishes;
  • If you do a manicure or a pedicure with untreated antiseptic tools;
  • If you walk barefoot in a bath, pool or sauna, where there was an infected human papillomavirus;
  • During sexual contact with an infected partner, condylomas may appear;
  • Wearing tight shoes can trigger the appearance of plantar warts.

The most correct solution for the appearance of warts will be appeals to a dermatologist, who will prescribe medications that increase immunity, soothe nerves and vitamins. In addition, only a doctor will help to determine the correct way to get rid of warts.

Such methods include:

– Cryodestruction (consist in freezing warts with nitrogen liquid). Nitrogen liquid is applied to the wart with a tampon attached to a wooden stick or with a special cryo-applicator. Freeze the wart within 10-30 seconds. The wart becomes white and dense, and after about an hour, a bubble forms in its place, which lasts 5-7 days, gradually drying out. Finally, the crust leaves in two weeks, leaving a light pink spot. For plantar warts need a longer course – from several freezes with an interval of 2-3 days.

– Electrocoagulation (warts removal by electric current). The wart is cut with a thin metal loop under a high frequency current, which helps to avoid bleeding, and at the same time disinfects the tissues. The operation is performed under local anesthesia. After the action of the current, a small crust forms which will fall off after a week (all this time it is best do not wet it and do not apply cosmetics on it, to avoid scars).

– Laserocoagulation (laser warts removal). The wart is removed layer by layer using a laser under local anesthesia. On the place of the wart there is a small groove, which will aligned in 2-3 weeks. If we are talking about a plantar wart, then you need to take into consideration that these 2-3 weeks you have to protect your leg – to walk less as much as possible.

– Surgical removal of warts. The method is used only when the warts are large (or several merged into one). Under local anesthesia, all unnecessary is cut out with a scalpel, and must be sent for examination. The skin is sewn with a cosmetic suture, after which there will be only a thin light flat scar.

– Chemical methods. They are used comparatively rarely. It is a treatment of the warts with enough caustic acid or alkali: one time, or as a course of treatment. At the same time, there is a high risk of damaging surrounding tissues, or introducing an infection, as well it is a painful method of combating warts.

Important! Before using the methods listed below, against warts, consult with a doctor. Self-medication is always dangerous for health!